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VMJ Bible Study Coming Soon

Nov 26th, 2016 by Jill Durosette | 0

THE NEXT PHASE of our Vital Ministry Journey (VMJ) will be organizing small groups of 4-6 persons to meet 6 times for Bible study, sharing and prayer. The groups will begin meeting the middle of January and continue through to the beginning of March. The goal is for our congregation to: strengthen relationships, grow in trust, and become more fully engaged in the ministry of our church. The basic themes of the scripture texts are mission and calling and the focus of the study is to be open to how God is moving and transforming our congregation.

For those persons interested in joining a small group or who might be interested, there will be a sign up in the narthex. These groups will meet for approximately 90 minutes each week. The time and place of the meetings will be set according to the needs of those participating and communicated to each participant in January. For further questions you may contact any member of the team (Felton Daniels, Kim Boardman, Elaine Forcier, Dan Galt, Karen Cosner, Evan Campbell, Pastor Erin Matteson).Please consider joining one of these Vital Ministry small groups. We’re in this together! -Your Vital Ministry Team.

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