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About Us

Ministry Focus Statement

As a community centered in Jesus, we seek to grow through continuing the work of Jesus. We understand that work to include spiritual practices and friendships, service and justice, hospitality and invitation. As we continue that work, we fulfill the call to participate in God’s transformation of the world.

Spiritual Practices – worship, prayer, meditation, lectio divina, walking prayer, discernment and other practices that deepen our connection to and ground our living in the way of God.

Spiritual Friendship – participation with a group that meets regularly to discuss the intersections of life and faith and prays with and for one another encourages us to accountability in our following Jesus.

Service and Justice – working to meet direct human need, locally and globally, and working to challenge injustice that works against the reign of God.

Hospitality – we seek to encounter each and every person as Christ, and to share the love and welcome we have received in the care we extend to others.

Invitation – we know that God desires all people to work together to further the kingdom for all people, and we are committed to inviting others to join with us in working for the healing of the world.

The Quiet Place
is a space dedicated for making holy connections. All are welcome here. This
space is available for individual and group prayer or meditation.

May this space and the time spent here be a blessing to all
who enter…a catalyst toward God’s vision for the world…

Woodland West Community Neighborhood

The Modesto Church of the Brethren resides in a wonderful neighborhood known as Woodland West.  The residents have formed a group to improve the quality of work and life within this neighborhood and we are committed to serving them and being a neighbor to all.  For more information on their many projects, events and goals, click here.