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Ash Wednesday Service

Jan 20th, 2010 by Jill Durosette | 0

Join us in the sanctuary for a brief time of intentionally walking into the Lenten season together.

This Lent, Coming Clean is our theme with the following words as a focus each week: Cleansed; Forgiven; Called; Recreated; Marked; Directed. Coming Clean invites us to think on at least two levels. We think of coming literally clean, from dirt or ash that may be covering us. What is that dirt and ash covering you right now? Some examples might be: fear, pride, self-esteem issues, lack of focus, arrogance, confusion, complacency, grief, an addiction to something… How does the soapy savior help us?

This evening will be a time of beginning to focus on the season as we enter it. We will offer ashes on the forehead as a marker of the beginning of Lent for those who would like.

Wednesday, February 22nd  at 7:00pm

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